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Find Your Writing Buddies!
This society for users to connect and find their writing buddies! Welcome Everyone!
96608 Members
Users Feedback
Dear Penana Users, Please submit your Feedback here to help us improve our platform! Thanks again for being our first batch of users! Cheers! Penana
286 Members
Start Writing Fiction
This is a society for the international study group of the FL course "Start Writing Fiction". Say hi to your fellow course mates! Anyone is encouraged to join!
98 Members
Penana Writing Challenge
I've always loved entering writing contests and *judging* other people's writing, so I thought why not start a writing challenge? Anyone can join, and if you don't want to write you can be a *judge*. … more
306 Members
Let's talk about fanfiction!
Fanfiction is something we create - something we shape out of words and our thoughts. For many of us, it is how and where our literacy ambitions start - from writing one sentence about a book you like to a twenty-chapter story delving into the relationships of your favourite characters. (If you're… more
188 Members
Those Who Listen To Music While They Write
When writing, do you find yourself listening to a certain band or song to get the juices flowing, or maybe as a source of inspiration? If so, this is the group for you! (No self-promotion or posting threads that don't have to do with music)
255 Members
Contests - Short Stories
Novels don't give give the satisfaction of finishing a full story in one sitting. They crawl at a snails pace most of the way. I mean, who like introductions that crawl for three chapters, only to find an agonisingly-long rising action? … more
78 Members
Share Your Stuff!
Promote your stories! Read other awesome stories! Give and get feedback! Join now!
149 Members
The Young Writer's Society!
Even though this whole site is for writers, I feel that high school age and younger writers should have their own place. :) To you! The young writers! Please note that if you have graduated high school, I cannot accept you :( This is for the young writers, ages 0-18. So... yeah.
96 Members
Random Bursts of Creativity
Have you ever felt the sudden desire to write something totally unrelated to anything. Something random and awesome. Then this is the place for you. … more
28 Members

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