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The Godly Sword Man
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The Godly Sword Man
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The legacy ceases, talents dwindle, progress lags, ascent to the pinnacle seems unattainable.

Within the initial month, disciples joining the Godly Sword Peak fled in droves, gravitating towards other peaks, leaving only Danwu behind.

Half a day ago, the blind old man reached the end of his lifespan, transcending into the Dao, in a grand blaze of transcendence, reduced to ashes, leaving this mess of Godly Sword Peak to him.

The remaining peaks already deemed the existence of Godly Sword Peak redundant, aiming to reclaim ownership and divide the resources.

The old man's transcendence removed their inhibitions, and soon, they dispatched an ultimatum downward.

Tonight marks the moment when the remaining peaks will reclaim ownership of Godly Sword Peak.

"Perhaps it's best to relinquish Godly Sword Peak and find solace in seclusion within the woods to cultivate," Danwu sighed, swallowing a gulp of fiery liquor, dispersing some of his melancholy. 

Enthralled by the island's captivating vistas, a young youth perched by the window, his eyes shimmering with intrigue, softly murmuring to himself.

"Is this the game... a chance to witness and experience diverse landscapes, a reflection of life?"

His fingers instinctively clenched, imbued with a newfound sense of vigor.

It was an intriguing sensation, akin to a person with disabilities suddenly experiencing the abilities of the able-bodied. A reality plagued by the torment of illness made her deeply resonate with this newfound experience.

However, in this present era, facing the remaining nine peaks and the old man claimed he possessed the potential of an ancient sword immortal. Could he truly make a difference on his own?

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