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Loving the Enemy
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Loving the Enemy
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Harry Potter, everyone in the wizarding world knows his name especially after he defeated lord voldamort just last year. The summer at His aunt and uncles house was dredful as usual and decided to skip away off to his old godfathers house. Draco Malfoy, a purblood know it all who is a suck up to the slytherin headmaster. His father had been abusing him since he declared that he hated having the dark mark and wanted to be good. He has had to cover up his sadness bye playing dull with his emotions. Draco has also had a secret since his thrid year at hogwarts, he found out he was GAY. UwU. Harry potter has always gotton the girls attention but he also caught the eye of an unlikely person. Did Harry want the persons attention? or did he want to pretend to still be in love with Ginney. Ron Weasly has also been attrated to someone other than Hermione Granger, who has liked pansy Parkonson for some time now. Ron weasly has been in interest with blaze for 1 year. Will everyone find the love of their life, will Ginney cheat on harry? or get very jelouse >:3. Drama in this amazing book Loving the Enemy

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