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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Are you looking for someone to read over your work and offer constructive criticism on plot, grammar, characterization, etc? Or are you the person that likes to give the constructive criticism and read stories before they are delivered to the public? … more
951 Members
Anime Roleplay
Role play in any anime universe you want. Each universe will have it's own thread with some crossovers if wanted. … more
16 Members
Mystery Writers & Readers
A society for anyone who likes to read/write mysteries, detective stories, etc.
17 Members
Fan Fiction Writers
People who write (and read) fanfictions.
27 Members
Yaoi Society
A society for all fujoshi and fudanshi to talk, share, and enjoy yaoi and shounen ai. So come on in and join.
18 Members
For Harry Potter Fanfiction and All Things Related
A free society to discuss anything and everything Harry Potter related with others. From Fanfiction to theories to just odd comments or observations you had or saw while reading/watching the movies/books.
41 Members
New Adult Fiction Society
Are you writing under New Adult Fiction? Is your story's MC between 18-30 years old? Then join this society! … more
300 Members
14 Members
Zombie writers and readers
A group to read each other's work, talk about zombies, put forward ideas and an group to find beta readers and collaborators.
6 Members
Penulis cerita indonesia
Membahas cara menulis dan tentang masalah writer block
41 Members
Penulis dan Pembaca Bahasa Indonesia
Hi, harapan besar bisa mengumpulkan para penulis dan pembaca Indonesia untuk saling berbagi, berkontribusi. Ayo membaca, kemudian menulis Selanjutnya mari berdiskusi tentang apapun yang berkaitan dengan tulisan maupun bacaan. X3
318 Members
194 Members
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