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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Are you looking for someone to read over your work and offer constructive criticism on plot, grammar, characterization, etc? Or are you the person that likes to give the constructive criticism and read stories before they are delivered to the public? … more
571 Members
Book Reading Club
The purpose of this society is to join up and read each other stories. When we get enough members, we'll read one book per week and comment on each other stories with helpful feedback etc.
219 Members
Find Your Writing Buddies!
This society for users to connect and find their writing buddies! Welcome Everyone!
13609 Members
Penana Writing Challenge
I've always loved entering writing contests and *judging* other people's writing, so I thought why not start a writing challenge? Anyone can join, and if you don't want to write you can be a *judge*. … more
299 Members
Fiction Prompts
A society for those with writer's block or those who are just looking for an idea for a new piece of fiction! Open to all who request. You are welcome to post any prompts of your own!
65 Members
The Romance Writers Club
This club is for talking about romance stories, scenes, or plots. Talk about romance, or ask for help!
71 Members
Are you from wattpad? Share your stories here.
314 Members
Young Adult Fiction Society
Do you write young adult fiction Do you like to read it? Come join us in writing, reading, sharing,m reviewing, discussing, and enjoying YA fiction!
69 Members
Fantasy Authors
A place to converse about your works of Medieval Fantasy or Dark Fantasy.
25 Members
For Harry Potter Fanfiction and All Things Related
A free society to discuss anything and everything Harry Potter related with others. From Fanfiction to theories to just odd comments or observations you had or saw while reading/watching the movies/books.
4 Members
New Adult Fiction Society
Are you writing under New Adult Fiction? Is your story's MC between 18-30 years old? Then join this society! … more
94 Members
成立的目的為互相交流在bdsm題材方面的寫作經驗及遇到的難題如何解決。 希望能有更多更好的BDSM文學或是情慾文學產生!
6 Members
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